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Faster, easier shooting with a fiberoptic bead.

The success of the EasyHit High Intensity fiber optic beads for shotguns is the intensity. Only the intensity makes it possible to aim with your indirect vision. Thus making it possible to see the bead without looking at it, you can concentrated 100% on the target and still know exactly were your shotgun is pointing. And you can do this up to 30 degrees of your viewing axis. Extremely important when following a target and in forward lead of a target. Average trapshooters have increased there score by up to 10-20 % the first day. More experienced trapshooters will see more smoked clays, boosting there confidence and keeping there concentration level high during competitions. Best choice for shooting Trap, Skeet, Sporting Clays and Wing Hunting with the sky as a background. (Also perfect for dusk and dawn wing shots since the fiber will be glowing nicely only with a blue ribbon at the horizon).

Improve your shotgun shooting by a much clearer image of the bead-target relationship, get more accurate and improve trigger timing. Good shooting principles demand complete attention to the moving target, with the EasyHit bead you can focus with both eyes open clearly on the target and the glowing dot will give a strong image of correct lead. You’re practically guaranteed to improve your shooting. Built of the best fiberoptic material available. Strong composite housing. Easy mounting glues on with a 3M sticky tape. No damage to your shotgun. No adjustment necessary, maintains normal sight hight. Comes in three colors OrangeRed, LimeGreen or Yellow. Fits all shotguns on the market that has a flat rib 6mm or wider. A bead that emits a clear and distinct beam in poor light without the aid of batteries, diodes or other sensitive components is of enormous value to hunters and shooters of all categories.

Sport Shooting Bead

  • The patented fiberoptic totally self contained and uses
    the ambient light to generate the glow. It’s a system that use:
    No LEDs,
    No wiring,
    No batteries,
    No switches
    No electrical components that can fail to work in the very moment of your
    best shot.

    Fits any flat rib from 6.0mm width.
    Fiberoptic will last for a 100 years under normal use.

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