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Faster, easier shooting with a fiberoptic bead.


The EasyHit Shooting Bead is designed for all around hunting and shooting. The intensity has been adjusted to enable accurate and comfortable aiming in your direct vision. The tub will eliminate crossfiring and force the shooter to keep his head down to the stock. Built of the best fiberoptic material available. Strong composite housing. Easy mounting glues on with a 3M sticky tape. No damage to your shotgun. No adjustment necessary, maintains normal sight hight. Comes in three colors OrangeRed, LimeGreen or Yellow. Fits all shotguns on the market that has a flat rib 6mm or wider. A bead that emits a clear and distinct beam in poor light without the aid of batteries, diodes or other sensitive components is of enormous value to hunters and shooters of all categories.

Shooting Bead

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